Grech CTP-8000 Amphibious Eco Pump 8000L/h with 10 Meter cord

Grech CTP-8000 Amphibious Eco Pump 8000L/h with 10 Meter cord

Grech CTP-14000 Amphibious Eco Pump 14000L/h with 10 meter cord

Grech CTP-14000 Amphibious Eco Pump 14000L/h with 10 meter cord

Grech CTP-12000 Amphibious Eco Pump 12000L/h with 10 meter cord

This pump is good for waterfalls, pond filtration systems, or any other pond application. Can be used submerged or inline (external) Safe for fish – no cooper, no oil Ceramic shaft – corrosion resistant in salt water Allow large size of dirt particle up to 1/4" with spiral propeller design Energy saving up to 60% with electronic frequency conversion technology. Wear-resistant ceramic shaft Easy Cleaning
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CTP-12000 10M

Grech CTP-12000 Amphibious Eco Pump for fresh and salt water pond , rockey, bourn and fish tanks as well as seafood tank.


This Grech Amphibious Eco Pump is a very efficient, practical, energy saving and long lasting submersible aquarium/pond water pump/fountain with adjustable outlets. This is a must have item in order to keep your aquarium healthy as supply of oxygen is needed in order to keep your fish healthy. Oxygen is vital for live micro-organisms inside your fish tank/pond as these are essential to create a well-balanced environment. You are also able to create amazing special water effects depending on how you place the pump.


It provides an amazing rate of 12000L/H with a power rate of only 100W. It is a very energy efficient and the compressor of this water pump is very quiet and the new design keeps the vibration level to the minimum. The maximum height is an impressive 6.0m!


It is made of high-quality materials inside out. The outer shell is made of corrosion, acid and impact resistant PVC and the inside is made of stainless steel. The simple, yet efficient design also saves you precious space and also increases the service life. This water pump suits both freshwater and saltwater aquarium/ponds, so there are many environments where you can use this amazing machine.


  • high-quality12000L/H aquarium/pond water pump/fountain
  • Completely submersible in your aquarium/pond to give it a unique look
  • Flow rate is adjustable by changing the outlet connectors in order to better suit your set up
  • Made from corrosion resistant stainless steel and PVC cover to give you a long service life
  • Very quiet and energy efficient compressor and low vibration to keep your environment comfortable,
  • Compact design to keep your aquarium area tidy
  • Suits both freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • 1x Aquarium Water Pump
  • 1 X 1" Water Outlet
  • 1 X 1.25" Water Outlet
  • User's Manual

Brand : Gretch Also sold ells ware as Dynamic Power
Flow Rate : 12000L/Hr
Material : PVC and Stainless Steel
Voltage : 230V
Frequency : 50Hz
Power Rate : 100W
No. of Outlets : 1
Maximum Height : 6.5 Metres
 Power Cable Length : 10m
Weight : 4Kg

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