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  1. Aqua Medic PH 4 TEST FLUID 60ML

    Aqua Medic PH 4 TEST FLUID 60ML

    Replacement pH 4 probe calibration fluid for use with the all pH-Computers and test equipment.

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  2. Aqua Medic PH 7 TEST FLUID 60ML

    Aqua Medic PH 7 TEST FLUID 60ML

    Replacement pH 7 probe calibration fluid for use with the all pH-Computers and test equipment.

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  3. Aqua Medic PH 9 TEST FLUID 60ML

    Aqua Medic PH 9 TEST FLUID 60ML

    Replacement pH 9 probe calibration fluid for use with the all pH-Computers and test equipment.

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  4. Aquaforest TestPro Calcium Test Kit

    Aquaforest TestPro Calcium 

    Aquaforest TestPro Calcium is designed to quickly measure the concentration of Calcium in marine water. Calcium plays an important role in many biological processes, e.g. takes part in the construction of hard coral’s calcium carbonate skeleton. Calcium levels should be analysed regularly, together with other critical water parameters like Alkalinity and Magnesium. Recommended Calcium level should be maintained in the range between 400-450 mg/l (ppm). 
    Test Kit contains sufficient reagents to perform approx. 55-60 separate tests within that range.

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  5. Digital Ph Pen PH 0 to 14

    Digital Ph Pen PH-0/14A Learn More

  6. Microbe Lift Refractometer ATC 1.3Mag

    Refractometer, Maintaining a stable salinity is one of the most important aspects of reef tank husbandry. Gone are the days when the serious hobbyist relied on Hydrometers to keep tabs on this crucial parameter. Now these vital measurements are easily monitored with the Microbe Lift ™ Refractometer.

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  7. Salifert Aiptasia eXit 50ml

    Aiptasia eXit is reef-safe and does not harm any invertebrates unless they are injected inside their tissue or mouth. To get rid of the nasty Aiptasia inject theminside their mouth. Learn More

  8. Salifert Ammonia TEST KITS

    The Salifert Ammonia test is very straightforward and measures the sum of toxic ammonia and ammonium in just a few minutes. Learn More

  9. Salifert Copper TEST KITS

    Salifert Copper TEST KITS Learn More

  10. Salifert Coral Calcium 500ml

    Salifert Calcium liquid 500ml Calcium is a major constituent of calcareous algae, skeletal material of hard corals and the skeletal needles of soft/leather corals. Calcium also fulfills many biological functions. These processes result in depletion of calcium. Quite often a too low calcium concentration retards growth of corals and calcareous algae. NSW (Natural Sea Water) contains 400 - 450 mg/L calcium. This is also the value we should strive for. Learn More

  11. Salifert Iodine TEST KITS

    Iodine is present in NSW (Natural seawater) in a very low concentration (0.06 mg/L or 0.06 ppm). Learn More

  12. Salifert KH + pH Buffer 1000ml

    About KH + pH Buffer

    It is a highly concentrated, fast dissolving powder which increases alkalinity
    (carbonate hardness) and stabilizes the pH at the correct value. In these ways it contributes significantly to the health of all aquarium inhabitants including corals, coralline algae and fish. Within 24 hours it will acquire the pH corresponding to other aquarium parameters. Should the pH remain low within 24 hours of corrective measures then an insufficient gaseous exchange (inefficient aeration) is quite often the cause.

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  13. Salifert Magnesium Liquid 500ml

    Salifert Magnesium liquid 500ml Magnesium is an essential trace element which also helps stabilize alkalinity. Learn More

  14. Salifert Natural Iodine 500ml

    Salifert Natural Iodine 500ml About Natural Iodine Salifert's Natural Iodine supplement contains a large portion iodate and also some iodide in similar proportions as NSW. All ingredients are of a pharmaceutical quality or even better. This ensures that no unwanted elements are added to your valuable aquarium. Learn More

  15. Salifert Natural Strontium 500ml

    Salifert Natural Strontium 500ml Strontium is probably important for accelerating coral and calcareous algae growth. NSW (Natural Sea Water) contains approx. 7 - 9 mg/L strontium. This strontium is associated (”chelated”) with sulfate. Since the growth of corals and calcareous algae goes hand in hand with strontium and calcium depletion, depletion of calcium (which is very easily measurable) usually means depletion of strontium as well. About Natural Strontium Strontium supplements should be designed in such a way that a too low or a too high strontium concentration is avoided. With this supplement we have reached this aim with an easy-to-use formulation. Learn More

  16. Salifert Nitrite TEST KITS

    Nitrite is a substance that is toxic to fish and invertebrates. Learn More

  17. Salifert pH TEST KITS

    The pH value can have a major impact on the growth of corals and calcareous algae and on many biological processes. Learn More

  18. Salifert Phosphate Eliminator 500ml

    Salifert Phosphate Eliminator 500ml Phosphate Eliminator binds phosphate and is removed by skimming more effectively than normal. When we dose it to the reef or marine aquarium, it immediately makes phosphate unavailable to algae. It also avoids binding of phosphate to corals, live rock and sand, increasing the ability of corals and calcareous algae to grow much faster. The phosphate bound by this supplement and not removed by skimming within 24 hours will be set free again by bacterial action. This will be especially the case when dealing with a rather high phosphate concentration. Learn More

  19. Salifert Strontium TEST KITS

    Strontium plays an important role by accelerating coral and calcareous algae growth. Learn More

  20. Up Aqua Digital Ph Pen PH-0/14

    Digital Ph Pen PH-0/14A Learn More

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