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Replacement Reverse Osmosis RODI Cartridge Set 5 & 6 Way 50G/day

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Replacement Reverse Osmosis Cartridge Set 6Way

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Reverse Osmosis RODI Replacement Reverse Osmosis50G/Day Cartridge Set 6Way

This set includes all 6 cartridges in our 50G RO unit including the DI Cartridge and Dow Filmtec Reverse Osmosis Membrane 50GL  TW30-1812-50.
This set will fit 99.99% of all RO units sold in Australia.

Buying the replacement cartridges in a complete set is exceptional value.

1 x Dow Filmtec RO Membrane 50G

1 x GAC-10 Granular Actiated Carbon

1 x CTO-10 Block Activated Carbon

1 x PP-10 Sediment Filter 5 mic

1 x Pre/Post Membrane Filter (In Line)

1 x T-33 DI Filter Filled with colour changing indicator from Blue to Yellow.

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