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  1. Eheim 4004522 Fitting Complete with Quick clamp ring release Ø 12/16

    EHEIM 4004522 Fitting Complete with Quick clamp ring release for tube Ø 12/16 Learn More

  2. Eheim Classic 250 (2213) Coarse Filter Pads (2pk) 2616131

    Eheim Classic 2213 Coarse Filter Pads (2pk) Learn More

  3. Eheim Classic 600 (2217) Coarse Filter Pads (2pk) 2616171

    Eheim Classic 2217 Coarse Filter Pads (2pk) Learn More

  4. Eheim eXperience Canister Filter 2424020 (250 )

    EHEIM eXperience 2424020 (250)

    With EHEIM eXperience you have the fundamental benefits of our top external filter generation.   

    With its predecessor, the professional, range EHEIM launched the first ever external filter range with a square basic shape. Benefits: space-saver (because the filter fits into corners), high stability and large filter volume. 

    Additionally, this sturdy basic filter offers special advantages: for instance, a complete hose adapter unit with integrated shut-off taps, individually removable filter baskets with fold-away handles, very low energy consumption, very quiet running due to ceramic components and more besides.

    eXperience comes completely equipped  – including accessories and filter media. You can start immediately.

    Benefits of EHEIM eXperience

    • Very good, reliable external filter for aquariums up to 350 litres
    • Square basic shape for large filter volume and high stability
    • Detachable hose adapter with integrated shut-off taps and locking clamp as complete unit 
    • Individually removable filter media containers with fold-away handles for easy handling and convenient full or intermediate cleaning 
    • Low energy consumption (only 8 W)
    • Extremely quiet running due to ceramic axle and sleeve 
    • Equipment: 1 x coarse filter pad, 1 x fine filter pad and filter baskets 
    • media+: complete with filter media (EHEIM MECH and SUBSTRATpro) 
    • Accessories included: spray bar, inlet pipe, outlet elbow, EHEIM  quality hose, installation accessories  
    • A basic model for innovative upgrading right up to high-tech models with electronic controls: professionel 3 and 3e
    Learn More

  5. Eheim Flexible hose Anti algae Ø 9/12 - 3 Meter Pack (4003943)

    We sell the pipe per 3 meter pack. For fresh and saltwater aquariums. These hoses are distinguished from common pipes for the quality of raw materials, available in different sizes. All models are free of phenols and flexible hose attacks and ensure safe Learn More

  6. Eheim Jager 100W

    With thermo-safety control (auto shut-off) Learn More

  7. Eheim Jager 150W

    With thermo-safety control (auto shut-off) Learn More

  8. EHEIM Phosphateout 390g - 1 LITER

    Chemically acting phosphate remover inhibiting the growth of algae

    EHEIM phosphateout is a special iron compound for chemical filtration. The iron binds the phosphate, removing it from the water circulation and thus reducing in stages the phosphate levels in the aquarium. In this way algae growth in the aquarium is inhibited.
    If the phosphate levels and consequently the growth of algae starts to increase, this means that the filter medium is depleted and must be replaced.
    EHEIM phosphateout is available for external filters in granulate form and for internal filters as a foam filter cartridge. It is free from harmful substances and suitable for fresh and marine water.

    • Phosphate remover inhibits growth of algae
    • Iron compound, free from harmful substances
    • Suitable for fresh and marine water
    • Use once (replace when the phosphate levels start to increase)
    • For external filters available in granulate form, for internal filters as a foam filter cartridge
    Learn More

  9. Eheim Pick Up Internal Filter 45 (2006)

    The EHEIM pickup is a small practical filter with a special concept. 

    The filter is simple to attach in the tank with suction cups. The special thing about the concept of the pickup  is that the filter canister together with its cartridge can be removed from above, while the pump unit remains in the tank. This is a very practical solution for cleaning or changing the filter cartridge.  

    The pump sucks in the water from below and carries it through the filter cartridge to the top. Here the filtered water is directed back into the tank via the rotatable outlet nozzle. 

    Benefits of EHEIM pickup 45

    • Smaller  internal filter for aquariums up to 45 l.
    • Water inlet at filter bottom
    • Rotatable outlet nozzle to adjust outflow direction
    • Filter canister with filter cartridge easy to remove from pump unit from above 
    • Complete with filter cartridge, ready to use 
    • Activated carbon cartridges can also be used (e.g. during aquarium  start-ups or after medication treatment)
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  10. EHEIM professional 4e+ 350 External Canister Filter (2274020)

    EHEIM professionel 4E+ 350 1500lph Pro 4 Canister Filter


    Eheim Professional 4+ Canister filters deliver 1050 litres per hour through Eheim's own media and the high quality media is also included. It is designed to cater for aquariums from 180 litres to 350 litres with its quiet yet powerful performance the Pro Series has always been a flagship of Eheim. Ehiem has some nice additions in this series with the added process of being able to bypass with the Xtender which is handy if you do not have the time to clean straight away or confronted with blocked media. Also only allowing the hoses to be detached when the hose adaptor is closed to prevent water mess and spills. The Self Priming makes the Pro 4 makes it nice and easy when getting it ready to run for the first time as well as consistent ongoing performance. German design and manufacture brings Eheim quality to the forefront and backing with a 3 Year Warranty supported by not only by us at The Tech Den but also backed the Australian Authorised Distributor for Eheim. The Pro 4 Series is highly recommended and ideal for anyone that appreciates highly filtered water filtration for their aquarium.
    The EHEIM professionel 4+ – Eheim's best external filter but now with an integrated ‘emergency’ button. 

    Eheim have adopted the many advantages of the professional 3 series – powerful performance, optimal energy efficiency, quiet operation, priming aid, safety hose adapter – but we have also improved the technology by incorporating the new ‘Xtender’ button.
    In the event the output is reduced due to the fine filter media blocking, the button can be adjusted to redirect the flow. The biological filtration is main-tained and the service interval can be extended by a few days.

    In addition, the professionel 350e can be electronically controlled from a PC.

    Learn More

  11. Eheim Substrat Pro Biological Filter Media 1 Liter

    Eheim`s new superior biological media that improves and optimizes the performance of Ehfisubstrat. It is for highly active water purification with intensive biological decomposition of harmful substances. Learn More

  12. Eheim Substrat Pro Biological Filter Media 2 Liter

    Eheim Substrat Pro Biological Filter Media 2 Liter Learn More

  13. Eheim Substrat Pro Ceramic Biological Filter Media 5 Liter 2510751

    Eheim Substrat Pro Ceramic Biological Filter Media 5 Liter Learn More

  14. Eheim Universal Pump 600 (1048)

    EHEIM universal pumps offer a large performance spectrum and a wide variety of uses. They are very reliable equipment offering exceptionally long service life. They can be used inside or out of water. The integrated prefilter, safe hose connections, a variety of connections and fixings, but above all their absolute reliability make the EHEIM universal pumps very popular. They are frequently used in a professional environment – e.g. in breeding units and in zoos. 

    There are 5 models with output levels from 300 u to 3400 l/h., each with a choice of 1,5 m (Indoor) or 10 m (Outdoor) cable. Also there is a flexible hobby pump with 270 l/h. output (see below).

    Learn More

14 Item(s)

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