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Coral Box

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  1. Coral Box Aquarium Tank Explorer Magnet Clean Viewer 5-12 mm Glass

    MAGNET CLEANER AND TANK EXPLORER 150x150x45  12mm Glass

    Magnify your aquarium and keep te glass clean , perfect for inspecions or to photograph corals . very highly reccomended


    • Magnet Floating Cleaner Tank Explorer         
    • Idea for Look up Coral, Shrimp in your tank
    • Crystal Glass Magnifying glass    
    • Streamline grip preventing slip from cleaning action 
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  2. Jebao SLW-20 SINE WAVE Flow Nano Wavemaker 13000L/h

    JEBAO / JECOD SLW20 SINE WAVE Flow Nano Wavemaker
    SUPER Quiet Powerful Reef Marine Pump 4000~10000~13000 LPH

    Main features:

    • Jebao SINE Wave pump without Wifi version
    • External drive controller, no electronic devices inside of pump, longer life
    • 3D big rotation angle to adjust the output water direction
    • Super quiet motor
    • Small size, strong power
    • Master and slave wireless control
    • 8 Speeds


    Voltage: Input: 110-240V, 50/60Hz; Output: 24V
    Power: 20W
    Flow rate: 10000 LPH
    Pump size: approx 70x70mm
    Fit glass thickness<10mm (recommended 8mm)
    Fit Aquarium size reference: length < 100CM

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2 Item(s)

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