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UV Sterilizers

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  1. Replacement Genuine Creator UV-C Lamp PL 55W - Fit Pond One ClearTec UV-C

    UV C Replacement Globe Fits Most UV Serilizer Brands SUN-SUN, Jebo, Jebao, Hozelock Cyprio Learn More

  2. Sun Sun CUV-6110 UV-C Pond Water Clarifier Sterilizer Filter UV Light 110 Watt

    Sun Sun CU-V 110 Watt Pond Aquarium Water Clarifier Sterilixzr Filter 

    • High Performance Pond Clarifier
    • Performance: 110 Watts
    • Flow of water: Rotating
    • Reflection by glass
    • Magnetisation
    • Flow rate: 8000 l/h max. 1bar

    Do you have algae problems in your pond? Do the algae multiply themselves under the influence of strong sunlight?

    • It protects your fish against germs
    • Safe and good for your fish and plants
    • Provides clear water
    • It purifies the pond water without the addition of chemicals
    • It keeps algae, bacteria and mold formation under control
    • With universal hose connections
    Learn More

  3. Sun Sun JMP-5000+UV 9W-UV-C Including Water Return Pump Variable Speed AC

    ● Low Noise Operation
    ●8 Speed Frequency Variation Pump With controller included
    ●Motor protection if rotor is blocked
    ●Used in marine water and fresh water
    ●No copper element
    ●With wear-resistant ceramic shaft, longer operation life.

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3 Item(s)

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