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Orca Lab Phospha-Guard GFH Granulated Iron Media 1000ml

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Orca Lab 1000ml Phospha-Guard GFH Granulated Iron Media

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Item#: Phospha-Guard 1000ml

Manufacturer: ORCA


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Orca Lab 1000ml Phospha-Guard Granulated Iron Media was specifically designed to absorb phosphate (Po4), silicate and heavy-metals from both freshwater and marine water. Once phosphates bond to its ferric hydroxide surface, it will not leach back into the system. This eliminates the inhibition of coral calcification and massively reduces prolific algae growth. Phospha-Guard GFH has a very large surface area (300m²/g) making it exceptionally powerful and giving explosive performance when compared to competing products. 1L of Phospha-Guard GFH media removed more than 25 000ppm of phosphate/silicate or heavy-metals from 1 000L of water! Phospha-Guard GFH can be regenerated 3 times over making it the most economical phosphate absorbing product. Phospha-Guard GFH is extremely effective in a fluidized reactor where slow abrasion slowly erodes the surface of the media, thereby continually exposing a new surface area to absorb phosphate.

• Effectively removed large amounts of phosphate, silicate and heavy metals.
• Eliminates the inhibition of coral calcification.
• Accelerates growth in corals.
• Helps control unsightly algae.
• Reduces water changes.
• Freshwater and marine use.
• It can be regenerated 3 times over with Phospha-Guard RE-CYCLE.

Available sizes
250ml, 500ml, 1 000ml

RE-CYCLES all Ferric Oxide / Hydroxide based phosphate removal media. 1.2kgs RE-CYCLES 1.5lts Ferric Oxide based phosphate removal media.

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