The Maxspect Recurve LED is a very exciting new light with some outstanding new features. The Recurve introduces some novel new lighting features for a reef aquarium light, not the least of which is a pair of side-mounted LED ‘wings’ which can angle inwards to adjust both intensity and spread.

We’ve always been very fond of the original Maxspect Razor LED light, a fixture which has been approved for reef tanks all over the world, and still powering some very respectable live coral displays today. Maxspect has made minor upgrades to the innards of the original Razor LED body, but the Recurve is the ‘True’ next generation successor with plenty of new features to make reefers take note. 

At its core the Maxspect Recurve is a souped up Razor LED, with the latest and greatest LEDs, coupled with Maxpect’s best new diffuser-reflectors. This nucleus of high power LEDs is the lion’s share of the nutritious and high PAR light intensity, but it’s what’s on the outside that makes the Recurve unlike any other. 

Two side-mounted LED strips have four channels of LED color control, with individual adjustment possible for a blue, deep blue, red and UV color channels. The real hat-trick is the Recurve’s ability to angle these LED wings inwards to concentrate the light on your reef animals, to get it off the glass, or just to light up your corals from a more front-facing light source. 



The Recurve has a built in edge-mounted controller, just like the Razor, but it’s been upgraded to fully wireless version which is compatible with the ICv6. The Recurve will come in three sizes, a single cluster model up to 160 watts for tanks between 24″ to 36″ long, a 240 watt model with two clusters for tanks between 36″ to 48″ and a big bruiser with three central LED clusters, and up to 320 watts of power for tanks between 48″ and 60″ long.