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Hydra Stream 2 by Ocean Free 200-2000 l/h

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Hydra Stream 2 by Ocean Free 200-2000 l/h

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Item#: Stream 2

Manufacturer: Oceanfree



Hydra Stream 2 by Ocean Free 200-2000 l/h 

Description: For tanks under 2000 litres (EF116)

5m power cable
Manufacturer: Ocean Free Features
• The Hydra Stream units do not filter particulates. They are designed as a flow through system to be attached as a water purifier attached to a main filter, in large aquariums, ponds or public aquariums.
• Inline filters needs external water pump
• Effectively controls nitrite and nitrate by eliminating ammonia with groundbreaking Hydro-Pure technology.
• Ultra High Efficiency.
• Stable Water Quality.
• Environmentally Friendly.
• Chemical Free process.
• Simple setup and operation
• Easy to pull apart and clean.
• Power usage: 1.3watt
• Cata-Pure: uses 6pcs
• Recommended Flow rate: 800-3000 L/hr
• Optimum volume of water that can be treated: 200-2000 Litres
• Size: 29cm long x 7.5cm dia (excluding mounting bracket) Hydro-Pure Technology Process

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