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  1. 1/4 Inch Reverse Osmosis Blue Pipe Per Meter

    1/4 Inch Reverse Osmosis Blue Pipe Per Meter Learn More

  2. 1/4 Inch Reverse Osmosis Red Pipe Per Meter

    1/4 Inch Reverse Osmosis Red Pipe Per Meter Learn More

  3. 1/4 Inch Reverse Osmosis White Pipe Per Meter

    1/4 Inch Reverse Osmosis White Pipe Per Meter Learn More

  4. 3/8 Inch Reverse Osmosis White Pipe Per Meter

    3/8 Inch Reverse Osmosis White Pipe Per Meter Learn More

  5. 7 Tube dosing clip for soft tube - TC07

    Soft tube fixture for 7 dosing pump tubes Learn More

  6. DIY Chemicals Bicarbonate Supplement 2Kg (Natrium-Hydrogen Carbonate)

    Sodium bicarbonate supplement for dosing marine aquariums to increase Alkalinity levels. Learn More

  7. DM-2: Commercial In-Line Dual TDS Monitor

    DM-2: Commercial In-Line Dual TDS Monitor

    The DM-2 is a commercial grade monitor measuring TDS feed (input) water vs. product (output) water of a water filtration system at any time. With its shielded cables and diagnostic messaging this robust device is ideal for Reverse Osmosis (RO), Deionized water (DI) filtration systems that work well in applications such as drinking or potable water, Water treatment, Aquariums, Hydroponics and many more.


    • Highly efficient and accurate due to its advanced microprocessor technology
    • Displays TDS levels of the Feed Water and Product Water with in & out electrode probes
    • Auto-Off function conserves battery power (Shuts off automatically after 3 minutes)
    • Factory Calibrated: our meters are calibrated with a 342 ppm NaCl solution. The DM-2 features digital calibration.
    • Diagnostic error messaging
    • Shielded sensor cables
    • Comes equipped with 1/4 inch Mur-lok® Quick-Connect T-fittings (Also available with 3/8″ or 1/2″ fittings)
    Learn More

  8. Dual GFO and Carbon Water filter Reactor 3/8 Inch Pipe

    The Dual BRS GFO and Carbon Reactor features several distinct advantages over other brands. • Ultra-transparent media cartridge allows for clear viewing of reactor media • Heavy duty plastic construction. • 1/2" Push Connect fittings and ports throughout reduce head pressure and provide ample flow rates. Learn More


    The space saving Kamoer Dosing Containers are the perfect compliment to the Kamoer X4 WiFi dosing system. Each container is labeled with either calcium, alkalinity, or magnesium letting you know what solution is in each reservoir. Just fill the reservoir with your favorite 2 part solution, install the cap, and connect it to your dosing system.

    Every reservoir comes with a liquid level sensor that plugs directly into the Kamoer doser. The float switch mounts to the cap of the jug with the included bracket that also holds the dosing pick-up tube perfectly placing it at the bottom of the dosing container. 



    Dimensions - 9.25" L x 2.375" W x 8.5" H

    Total Volume - 2 Liters

    Learn More

  10. Kamoer F4 WIFI Dosing Pump Marine Fresh Water Aquarium

    Kamoer F4 Compact WIFI Dosing Unit

    The Kamoer F4 - 4 channel dosing pump delivers a top quality dosing experience due to its unique features & Wifi network connectivity. Feel free to access it via your computer, phone or tablet!

    3 Primary Operation Modes: Manual, Auto or Custom
    (You're not limited to a ridiculous set of pre-determined schedules!) 

    Get specific with your program: 

    Adjustable Dosing Period - doesn't have to be over a 24 hour period like many other pumps on the market. You can even limit the dosing to specific days per week (example: every 1-3 days, or a specific day(s) of the week).

    Adjustable Dosing Times Within Period - Up to 24 independent dosing sessions can be set in the period, enabling you to limit or otherwise control the amount of a product dosed at a time.

    Adjustable Volume - control the total amount of ml's dosed in the dosing period.

    Channel Delay - prevent chemical interference between channels. 


    Dimensions: 7.08" x 5.31" x 2.68"

    Number of pumps: 4

    Tubing type in pump head: PharMed Tubing

    Calibration Accuracy: 0.1mls

    Tubing type for dosing lines: vinyl (PVC) clear tubing.

    230-240v 40HZ

    Port for external RS485 extensions

    Moisture resistant housing. 

    Learn More

  11. Kamoer X1 Single Micro Pump Dosing Unit



    The Kamoer X1 Liquid Dosing Pump is the latest state-of-the-art, Bluetooth-controllable, liquid dosing pump from Kamoer. The integrated Bluetooth allows for complete control through  mobile devices, with an easy to use app that can set up a single pump or multiple X1 Micropumps to any desired dosing regimen, quick and easy set up.

    The X1 is flexible and will precisely control liquid additions to your aquarium.


    • Add multiple X1 pumps to control
    • Flow calibration setting
    • Operational modes (Manual, Auto Quick Setting)
    • Easy setting – Set dosing start and stop time (does not have to be 24 hours)
    • Enter total number of ml to be dosed over the time period
    • Enter the number of times to dose each time period (up to 12 times)
    • User can even choose dosing every 1 – 31 days or certain days per week
    • Adjustable dosing volume Auto Mode: 0.5 – 6500.0ml
    • Adjustable dosing volume Manual Mode: 0.1 – 6000.0ml
    • Delay setting between channels prevents chemical interference


    •  Requires Bluetooth capable mobile device to operate.
    • Dosing Channel: 1
    • Dosing Times: 12 times / day -once / 31 days
    • Fluid Volume: .1ml – 6000ml
    • Accuracy: <+/-2%
    • Pump Life: >2000 hours
    • Max height the pump can push up is 2 meters
    • X1 pump head tubing size: 2mm ID x 4mm PharMed® BPT tubing

    Inside the package:

    • Kamoer X1 dosing pump
    • Graduated cylinder
    • Power adapter
    • PVC Tubing: 3mm ID x 5mm OD
    Learn More

  12. Kamoer X2S Automatic Water Changing Unit

    The X2S is a dual channel WIFI water change pump controlled by mobile app. Users can use the X2S to automatically change and replenish the water for their seawater or fresh water tank. The X2S is equipped with an anti-overflow sensor that triggers an overflow alarm when the water level reaches the anti-overflow sensor and the pump stops working. The X2S is equipped with two stepper peristaltic pump for continuous long-term use..

    Specs:.HighlightsTransfer pumps with stepper motors for longer life and more accurate operation
    Anti-overflow sensor will trigger an alarm and stop the pump if the water reaches the sensor
    Less water-changing connection lines, simple use
    Support sedation of additional evaporative water
    Pharmed BPT imported pump tube with standard, long life, heat, acid and alkali resistance, ozone and UV rays, anti-aging and oxidation
    Up to 12 water change plans can be set up in a day to support 1-99 days of cycle water change
    Support for flow calibration
    Includes real-time clock, runs automatically according to setting parameters, and does not lose power-down parameters
    Support for iOS and Android devices to control titration pumps via WIFI, and app upgrade titration pump firmware

    • Dimensions: 220 x 160 x 95mm
    • Pump Head Rotor: 3 Rotors KCm
    • Pump Head Flow: >300ml/min
    • Temperature: 0-70C
    • Net Weight: 1.2kg
    • Weight: 2115g
    • Humidity: 10-90%
    • Number of water changes: 12 times/day - 1 times/99 days


    • Seawater Tank: Includes hard-bone corals (SPS), soft corals (LPS), and mixed corals (SPS/LPS).
    • Freshwater: Freshwater fish tank, planted tank
    • Other occasions where water is needed.
    Learn More

  13. Kamoer X4 Pro Wifi Dosing System

    Kamoer X4 Pro Wifi Dosing System


    The new Kamoer F4 PRO Wifi Doser Liquid Dosing Pump is the latest state of the art controllable dosing system from Kamoer. Each unit includes a Wifi connection which allows the doser to be controlled via iPhone or Android.


    Keep Your Parameters Stable

    Easily schedule a dosing regimen to keep water chemistry within ideal ranges. You can automate 2-part calcium and alkalinity, Kalkwasser, trace elements, live or prepared foods, and even fertilizers and liquid CO2 if you have a planted tank.


    Easy-to-Use Mobile App

    Download the free app for your iOS or Android device for easy wireless control. Software updates are a breeze and can be pushed to the F4 PRO via WiFi. The user-interface is friendly and intuitive to help you get up and running quickly.


    Robust Dosing Capabilities

    3 operational modes—Auto, Manual, or Custom—make it easy to start dosing your tank, even if you've never used an automatic dosing pump before. You can set start and stop times, select how much to dose over a period of time, alternate days that you dose, and even delay channels to prevent chemical interference.

    Learn More

  14. Kamoer X5s 5 Head Wifi Dosing System

    The X5 S is the first 5 channel WiFi dosing pump from Kamoer. With the app remote control, the X5 S dosing pump can flexibly and accurately replensih the aquarium with the various elements needed for marine life.

    These pumps have been developed by Kamoer, a company with a strong reputation for the manufacture of medical grade dosing equipment, ensuring a high quality product with excellent reliability.

    The pump will provide simple, flexible and precise control of supplement additions to your aquarium through the easy to use Kamore remote mobile App (Android and IOS).


    • 5 dosing heads
    • Remote control via iOS or Android app
    • Waterproof connectors
    • Colourful pump heads with high quality pharm tube
    • Built in temperature detection
    • Each pump head can calibrate flow rate rate
    • Fluid Volume: 0.1ml-9,999ml
    • Accuracy: <+/-0.2%
    • Upgrade firmware via OTA
    • Battery back up - Settings saved if power lost
    • Dimensions: 285 x 91 x 60mm

    Dosing Functions:

    • 1-24 dosing times per day.
    • Auto/Manual dosing options.
    • User defined start/stop Dosing Period per day
    • Daily/every 'x' days or specified days of the week.
    • Anti-interference delay between pump dosing.
    • Monitors the amount of liquid remaining in each dosing container and sends a push notification to the users phone when it is insufficient
    • Monitors temperature and sends a push notification to the users phone when the setting range is exceeded.
    Learn More

  15. Marine Sources Non Removable Overflow safeguard comb (long) 225mm in length OSC-2

    Marine Sources Non Removable Overflow safeguard comb. Marine Sources Non Removable Overflow combs are designed to construct the aquarium overflows. It is consist of one part: Overflow comb. Marine Sources Overflow safeguard comb, for the construction Learn More

  16. Marine Sources Non Removable Overflow safeguard comb OSC-1 (short) 175 mm in length

    Marine Sources Non Removable Overflow safeguard comb. Marine Sources Non Removable Overflow combs are designed to construct the aquarium overflows. It is consist of one part: Overflow comb. Marine Sources Overflow safeguard comb, for the construction Learn More

  17. Marine Sources Single Probe Hang-on Bracket for probe

    Marine Sources Single Hang-on Bracket for probe feature Learn More

  18. Replacement Dosing Pump Head For Kamoer F4/X4/KSP Models

    Replacement Dosing Pump Head + Tube, For The Kamoer Dosing Pumps. Learn More

  19. Replacement Dosing Pump Tube

    Replacement Dosing Pump Tube, enough to replace one pump head on the BM or Kamoer Dosing pumps. Learn More

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