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  1. 1/4 Inch Reverse Osmosis Blue Pipe Per Meter

    1/4 Inch Reverse Osmosis Blue Pipe Per Meter Learn More

  2. 1/4 Inch Reverse Osmosis Red Pipe Per Meter

    1/4 Inch Reverse Osmosis Red Pipe Per Meter Learn More

  3. 1/4 Inch Reverse Osmosis White Pipe Per Meter

    1/4 Inch Reverse Osmosis White Pipe Per Meter Learn More

  4. 3/8 Inch Reverse Osmosis White Pipe Per Meter

    3/8 Inch Reverse Osmosis White Pipe Per Meter Learn More

  5. AquaForest Component 1+ 2+ 3+ 15000ml (15L)

    Chemical composition of Component 1+2+3+ is based on the method developed by H. Balling. The formula has been fine tuned in our lab and enriched with trace elements that are fundamental for maintaining marine aquarium organisms in good form. As a result we have composed 3 fluids that are intended for dosing in equal amounts on regular basis. Component 1+2+3+ is designed to fulfil coral demands not only in terms of Magnesium and Calcium, but also in terms of other elements which require careful and systematic dosing, but are notoriously difficult to assess. In order to maintain adequate amount of trace elements in aquarium water, both Magnesium and Calcium levels need to be within recommended range (Ca 400-440 mg/L, Mg 1280-1350 mg/L) Typical aquarium with average number of hard corals requires approximately 50ml of each component per 100 l (27 US gal) of water daily. Dosage needs to be adjusted according to the consumption of macro-nutrients, and based on critical water parameters like Calcium, Magnesium and KH. If one or two parameters are still not balanced- we recommend to continue with administering equal doses of each component, and take advantage of one of our additives (Calcium, Magnesium, KH Buffer) to restore desired level(s).

    Learn More

  6. ARKA VIDA-GT Doser Master Unit + Slave Unit

    ARKA VIDA-GT Doser Master Unit + Slave Unit Learn More


    Re-fillable DI resin cartridge (full), 9¾" deionization cartridge, 480 grains. Product comes complete, ready for installation.Re-fillable DI resin cartridge (full), 9¾ Inch deionization cartridge, 480 grains. Di cartridge • Designed for deionizing water up to 16 megohms • All materials and construction are FDA-compliant Refillable Cartridge These high-capacity, semi-conductor grade resin cartridges are ideal for use in aquarium applications that requires minimum organics. Replacement 9 3/4" cartridge for the de-ionizing chamber of a 4 stage reverse osmosis or RO DI Learn More

  8. Coral Box 2 sensor High-Tech Top Off System Auto Top Up

    Complete Smart Top Up System ATO  TWIN Sensors

    Infrared water level monitoring and auto top up system.

    This system comes complete with optical & mechanical sensors
    1 x 230V-12V power supply
    1 x Suction mount for sensors 
    1 x 200l/h top up pump water 
    1 x on/off infra limit switch
    1 x Float limit sitch
    1 x Control panel

    Coral Box top off system for precise control over aquarium water level * Automatically replenishes aquarium water lost through evaporation
    The Auto Top Up system is a time and trouble saving unit that maintains a correct level by automatically topping up water lost by evaporation on both fresh and marine aquariums and sumps. 

    Learn More

  9. Coral Box WF-04 WIFI Dosing Pump 4 Pump

    Coral Box WF-04 WIFI Dosing Pump

    The Coral Box WF-04 Dosing Pump is the perfect solution for any reef keeper looking for an accurate, easy to program dosing pump. The WF-04 is built with a rugged aluminum housing with upgraded dosing heads for improved performance. Each unit comes with built in wifi, and works with a smartphone app right out of the box. That’s right- now you can easily program your dosing pump from your phone!  These Dosing Pumps are based on the original DP-4 design which has worked excellently for years.  Some major improvements and upgrades have been added as well, including heavier duty motors, tubing, and dosing heads, so you can be sure they are rock solid and built to last.
    Each pump includes an instruction manual, tubing, a graduated cylinder for calibration, tubing, and mounting screws and tubing holders- basically everything you need to dose except the liquid!
    The Coral Box WiFi dosing pump is a smart doser- all you have to do is calibrate it, then set which hours you want it to come on, and how much you want it to dose each day, and it will automatically spread the dose out over each hourly interval.

    Learn More

  10. DIY Chemicals Bicarbonate Supplement 2Kg (Natrium-Hydrogen Carbonate)

    Sodium bicarbonate supplement for dosing marine aquariums to increase Alkalinity levels. Learn More

  11. DIY Chemicals Calcium Chloride 2kg

    Calcium chloride supplement for dosing marine aquariums to increase calcium levels. Learn More

  12. DM-2: Commercial In-Line Dual TDS Monitor

    DM-2: Commercial In-Line Dual TDS Monitor

    The DM-2 is a commercial grade monitor measuring TDS feed (input) water vs. product (output) water of a water filtration system at any time. With its shielded cables and diagnostic messaging this robust device is ideal for Reverse Osmosis (RO), Deionized water (DI) filtration systems that work well in applications such as drinking or potable water, Water treatment, Aquariums, Hydroponics and many more.


    • Highly efficient and accurate due to its advanced microprocessor technology
    • Displays TDS levels of the Feed Water and Product Water with in & out electrode probes
    • Auto-Off function conserves battery power (Shuts off automatically after 3 minutes)
    • Factory Calibrated: our meters are calibrated with a 342 ppm NaCl solution. The DM-2 features digital calibration.
    • Diagnostic error messaging
    • Shielded sensor cables
    • Comes equipped with 1/4 inch Mur-lok® Quick-Connect T-fittings (Also available with 3/8″ or 1/2″ fittings)
    Learn More

  13. EHEIM Autoliquid Liquid Doser

    EHEIM autoliquid gives your water plants what they need every day. And you can take care about anything else.

    The EHEIM automatic fertiliser autoliquid regularly provides nutrients for your plants. Even during your holidays. Time and dosing can easily be pro-grammed. Or you can manually interfere with a push of a button. The au-tomatic fertiliser is small and compact. Simply fit it on the cover of the aquarium or fix it on the edge of the pool when the aquarium is opened.

    EHEIM autoliquid is only suitable for liquid fertilisers. Aquarium plants need this fluid fertiliser because they absorb nutrients directly from the water via roots and leaves. We recommend EHEIM autoDÜNGER. It contains the important macro- and trace elements and protects from deficiencies.

    Advantages of the automatic fertiliser EHEIM autoliquid:

    • Automatic fertilisation of the aquarium plants with nutrients which have no longterm stability
    • Daily basic care – even during your holidays
    • Only suitable for fluid fertilisers – optimal is EHEIM autoDünger (1 ampule is sufficient for 10 days for a  100-l-tank)
    • Fertilisation mode is easy to program (3 possibilities)
    • Also manual interfering with a push of a button
    • Simply put it on the cover of the aquarium (secure it with hook-and-loop-tape) or fit it to the pane with the bracket when the aquarium is opened (accessories included with the delivery)
    • Batteries included
    • Splash-proof function keys
    • Low is displayed when the battery is weak
    • Tip: As far as possible only use EHEIM autoDÜNGER  – the exactly adjusted mixture of macro- and trace elements for the daily basic care of water plants
    Learn More

  14. EPC-801 In Sump NANO Substrate Reactor

    EPC-801 In Sump Substrate Reactor Media Filters Learn More

  15. Float Switch Pre Wired DIY

    1 x on/off float switch. Learn More


    The space saving Kamoer Dosing Containers are the perfect compliment to the Kamoer X4 WiFi dosing system. Each container is labeled with either calcium, alkalinity, or magnesium letting you know what solution is in each reservoir. Just fill the reservoir with your favorite 2 part solution, install the cap, and connect it to your dosing system.

    Every reservoir comes with a liquid level sensor that plugs directly into the Kamoer doser. The float switch mounts to the cap of the jug with the included bracket that also holds the dosing pick-up tube perfectly placing it at the bottom of the dosing container. 



    Dimensions - 9.25" L x 2.375" W x 8.5" H

    Total Volume - 2 Liters

    Learn More

  17. Kamoer F4 Compact WIFI Dosing Unit

    Kamoer F4 Compact WIFI Dosing Unit

    The Kamoer F4 - 4 channel dosing pump delivers a top quality dosing experience due to its unique features & Wifi network connectivity. Feel free to access it via your computer, phone or tablet!

    3 Primary Operation Modes: Manual, Auto or Custom
    (You're not limited to a ridiculous set of pre-determined schedules!)

    Get specific with your program:

    Adjustable Dosing Period - doesn't have to be over a 24 hour period like many other pumps on the market. You can even limit the dosing to specific days per week (example: every 1-3 days, or a specific day(s) of the week).
    Adjustable Dosing Times Within Period - Up to 24 independent dosing sessions can be set in the period, enabling you to limit or otherwise control the amount of a product dosed at a time.
    Adjustable Volume - control the total amount of ml's dosed in the dosing period.
    Channel Delay - prevent chemical interference between channels
    Learn More

  18. Kamoer KSP-F01A Single Pump Dosing System

    Kamoer KSP-F01A Single Pump Dosing System


    • Small and powerful.
    • LCD Display
    • Key Operation
    • User Friendly Interface
    • Adjustable speed
    • Real time clock
    • Designed for frequent starting and stopping
    • Calibration Funtion
    • Dose from 1 time in 4 days to 96 times in a day.
    • Dose from 1ml to 1000ml

    12 month Warranty

    Flow rate: Max 38ml per minute, Min 16ml per minute

    Learn More

  19. Kamoer Tube Holder Manifold

    Kamoer Tube Holder Manifold

    • The tube holder manifold mounts tubing into a dispense
    • The tube mount is sturdy, durable and strong
    • Safely mount your dispense into the aquarium with tube mount
    Learn More

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