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Aquarium Online Supplies is proudly Australian owned and operated, we offer great deals on a massive range of additives, chemicals, protein skimmers, pumps and much more. We cater for everything Freshwater, Tropical, Reef and Marine and only stock the best brands (Continuum, Hailea, HBH, Marine Sources, Microbe-lift, Seachem, Weipro and many more). Aquarium Online Supplies strives to provide the best customer service and as we are online only we can pass the savings on to you! If you would like to keep connected for great deals please visit our new Facebook page.aquarium online supplies facebook page

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Microbe Lift Refractometer ATC 1.3Mag

Refractometer, Maintaining a stable salinity is one of the most important aspects of reef tank husbandry. Gone are the days when the serious hobbyist relied on Hydrometers to keep tabs on this crucial parameter. Now these vital measurements are easily monitored with the Microbe Lift ™ Refractometer.


Microbe Lift Aragamax Select Sand 0.1 to 1mm 20kg Bag

Microbe Lift Aragamax Select Sand:0.1-1.00 mm grain size 20kg . A Breakthrough! This uniformly graded oolitic aragonite not only provides nitrate reduction in shallower beds but also has an increase in pore water space which allows maximum diffusion rates of minerals and trace elements

Seachem Reef Salt 20.2kg 160Gallon

Seachem Reef Salt 20.2kg

Fiji Soft Skeleton Rock 20kg

Fiji Soft Skeleton Rock 20kg, The ultimate rock for marine, reef, or African Cichlid ecosystems. Packed with holes and textures, and incredibly porous, you can’t get any better rock than this! It has great colour too, not too white, not too dark, and takes coralline algae growth.